Chlorine or SaltWater: Which Custom Swimming Pool is the best?

When making the decision to have a custom pool put installed, not only do you have to consider what kind of pool, but also whether or not to use chlorine or salt.

To aid in your decision, here are some common facts about chlorine vs. saltwater pools:


Chlorine Pools

746x1500_629 Chlorine pools are most familiar to people and the most common. For some people, familiarity is priority.

-Chlorine tablets are readily available
-Requires more maintenance overtime
-May cost more, depending on how much chlorine you need to re-add after storms
-Chlorine can ruin clothing


Though, less familiar than that of chlorine pools, many today are making the switch to saltwater pools in favor of its less harsh nature.

746x1500_609-Up front costs is more than a chlorine pool
-They need a constant balance of salt vs. water
-No chemicals are used, resulting in the water not being harsh on your skin and hair
-There’s no odor
-Safer for your eyes and doesn’t sting them
-The salt, however, can easily kill grass and damage plants
-Less maintenance

Which is right for you? Whatever your decision, BR Design Build is here to assist. Contact us today to start planning your new custom swimming pool!

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