Your Custom Swimming Pool Isn’t Finished Until You Pick Your Finish


A pool finish is one of the many different features to consider when making the decision to have a custom pool installed. From tile to plaster to aggregate, there is a variety of pool finishes to choose from. In order to decide which pool finish will work best for you whether you are remodeling your current pool plaster or planning your dream pool, it’s important to understand your options.


Plaster is the least expensive pool surface option. Traditional white plaster is typically common in most commercial pools. However, plaster can be mixed with different pigments to enhance the appearance of the pool. Darker plaster shades, specifically, create depth. Plaster can lack durability and can even start to chip within five to ten years.

White Plaster: Grey Plaster:
white plaster Grey plaster
white plaster-pool 7pool


Quartz/ Bead Finish

Quartz is a durable option that is low maintenance and provides limitless design options. Quartz is generally added to plaster to increase longevity and beauty.

Quartz bead quartz final



Aggregate Finishes

Popularity amongst aggregate finishes is rising. An aggregate finish incorporates plaster with stones, glass beads, and/or pebbles to increase durability and enhance a pool’s appearance.

aggregate aggregate final



BR Design Build offers a variety of colored and textured finishes to create the luxurious pool that you’ve been dreaming of. Find out more about custom designed swimming pools here.

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