Backyard Renovations for Your Home Landscape

A backyard is what you make it. Turn your backyard into the perfect space to have fun with the family or to host a posh get together with friends. Make the Joneses keep up with you by adding one or all of these features to your backyard design.


Garden Patio

Entertainment Center- An outdoor entertainment center has endless possibilities. Anything that would normally be in an indoor entertainment system can be added to your outdoor center. You can’t go wrong with a big screen TV above a fireplace with a lot of cozy seating around. Or you could create a movie theater in your backyard with a large blank screen and projector. Completely customize the features to make a center that will best serve your needs.



Bowling or Bocce Alley – Enjoy bowling and bocce in the open air with your very own b alley right in your backyard! This is the perfect addition to any backyard whether you have kids or want to liven up happy hour. Design your ally out of a golden oak wood for a natural look or choose a paved stone top for a more luxurious look.



Fire Pit- A fire pit is a backyard essential. Perfect for small intimate moments with loved ones or for a resting spot during a party, you will wonder how you were living without one for so long. For an elegant look use a stone siding and patio around the fire pit. To make sure you don’t end up sitting in tacky lawn chairs around the fire, be sure to select classy seating like marble stone benches with chic throw pillows for extra comfort.



Kitchen/ Bar- An outdoor kitchen adds an element of functionality to any space as well as a great social spot. Anything that would normally be in an indoor kitchen can be added to your outdoor kitchen. Common appliances include a grill, stove, refrigerator, and sink. You may want to consider creating a seating area so guests can socialize. Adding an island with elegant bar seats is an excellent way to provide an open space for guests to sit around and eat at. If you plan on entertaining you may want to add special amenities like a mini bar or a tap to serve drafts.



Pergola swing- A new twist on a classic favorite! Design your dream pergola in any color then add a bench swing! Arrange several pergola swing structures in a circle to make a unique gathering spot. Add a fire pit or water fountain in the middle to create the ultimate relaxation spot right in your own backyard.

A backyard is only what you make it, so by adding one or all of these to your design you are sure to be the best house on the block. Contact BR Design Build to take your Backyard to the next level today!

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