If you’re considering expanding your outdoor living space with the addition of a custom luxury swimming pool or a new deck, patio, or terrace, then lighting will be an important concern. In order to fully reap the benefits of the additional space you’ll be creating, you’ll want to make sure that it will be usable long after the sun has set. After all, what fun is a deck that you can’t enjoy after dark? Luckily, there are many outdoor lighting options that will work with both your landscape design, your personal needs, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you require floodlights to illuminate your terrace at night or you’d like to add low-profile lanterns to light the path of your walkway, the team at BR Design Build have the expertise needed to design a lighting plan and install the perfect features to ensure you can enjoy your landscape at any hour.

At BR Design Build, we’ve been installing outdoor lighting for over 27 years and complete each and every job with a keen attention to detail. We serve clients located in Anne Arundel County, including Davidsonville, Cape St. Claire, Annapolis, Millersville, Odenton, Riva, Severn, Edgewater, Severna Park, and Arnold.

Our talented designers will incorporate outdoor lighting into your landscape design to ensure that your outdoor living space provides maximum usability. In addition, lighting can be used to highlight specific features of your landscape, such as water features or entrances.

Low-voltage LED Lighting

We use low-voltage LED lighting for our outdoor lighting installations because they are cost-efficient, easy to install, and last longer than regular bulbs. Their green, energy-efficient design lets you save money on your energy bill without sacrificing anything in performance. In fact, just about any fixture can be outfitted with low-voltage LED lights, including floodlights. So no matter your needs, we can create the perfect outdoor lighting solution that is both beautiful and low-maintenance.

Ceiling Fans

To truly maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor living space during the dog days of summer, adding a ceiling fan to the underside of your deck is a decision you will not regret. A ceiling fan will keep the air moving and offer a shady, breezy spot for entertaining or simply lounging on hot days. Another little-known benefit is that ceiling fans also reduce insects. Insects avoid the turbulent air ceiling fans create because it is difficult to fly in.