Plantings not only enhance the beauty of your landscape design, but they can provide functional benefits as well. Need a privacy screen? A dense thicket of hedges can not only offer privacy from your neighbors, but also create a beautiful and soothing evergreen backdrop. A large combination of factors go into landscape design: From the unique microclimates of your backyard to your personal color and scent preferences, the design process should be a thorough undertaking. To ensure all of your needs are met and you are left with a landscape you truly love, it is important to work with a landscape design company  who has the experience needed to balance your desires with the practicalities of your yard in order to create a finished product that looks beautiful throughout all four season.

With more than 27 years of experience providing planting and landscape design services in Anne Arundel County, including Annapolis, Davidsonville, Arnold, Cape St. Claire, Severn, Edgewater, Millersville, Odenton, Riva, and Severna Park, the team at BR Design Build can transform your yard into a space that you will be eager to spend time in. In addition to our extensive knowledge base, we make it a point to keep up with changes and developments in new plant types that are suitable for the local climate.

Low-Maintenance Plantings

We can install low-maintenance plantings that require less water, nutrients, and care, but still create beautiful, functional elements within your landscape design. It is important to note that low-maintenance plants grow slowly, which means they tend to cost more. If you want a slow-growing plant that will look beautiful right off the bat, you’ll need to purchase a more mature specimen which will be more expensive due to the fact that it has lived in the nursery for longer than a younger plant. However, the initial expense will be worth it as soon as your gorgeous new landscape comes together.

How Are Plantings Chosen?

A number of factors go into your choice of plants, including the layout of your yard, your personal preferences, and the size of the area that will be planted. Every landscape is custom-designed for each client in order to ensure that the plants are suitable for your unique needs. We use only high-quality plants in order to ensure that they will take and look good for the entirety of their life and we offer irrigation installation services to make sure they stay healthy. We like to get as much color as possible in the landscapes we design by using evergreens–which come in a stunning array of shades ranging from red to yellow to green to blue–which look good throughout all of the seasons. We then supplement with perennial plantings, which provide a beautiful burst of color and come back every year. If a customer is looking for even more year-round color, we can install annual plants in a small area of the landscape to provide color all summer long.