Your Custom Swimming Pool Timeline

Step 1: Consultation and Design (1-4 weeks)
Meet with designer/architect to plan the project in compliance with all limitations concerning size and location of the pool.
Master Plans are drawn.

Step 2: Contract and Pricing (2 weeks +/-)
The job is priced and a contract is written.
The contract and pricing are reviewed by the homeowner and a payment schedule is discussed.

Step 3: Apply for County Permits (4-8 weeks)
Review by County (3 days – 9 monthes)
Obtain any necessary drawings (ie. structural drawings, grading plans, working drawings) for County permits.

Step 4: Apply for City Permits (2-5 days)

Step 5: Site Inspection and Preparation (1-2 weeks)
Construction begins after permits are obtained.

Step 6: Construction (1 month +)
The construction time will vary greatly by the scope of the job.
Cost of construction is roughly $100,000 per month.

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