The Quality of Patio Pavers Installation Versus the Price

Homeowners need to be aware that when they purchase a paver installation that there are vast differences between a company that will do just generic installation using standard pavers creating an untumble commercial appearance verses a company that will install the antiqued pavers doing a custom installation with banding of various colors, circle inlays, and fine details on the cuts and corners.

Another difference that homeowners will see, is in a generic installation, the contractor will try to cut corners to keep the cost down, and they are generally pricing a project per square foot, where as a custom installer is not looking to cut the corners but he is looking to create a nicer finish product creating a truly beautiful finished installation for the homeowner.

The price difference the homeowner will see between these two types of installation is not a great amount of difference when comparing on a per square foot bases, the costs might be $14-$15 per sqaure foot for generic installation verses $17-$20 a square foot for a custom installation, considering that is a $3-$4 square foot difference the cost difference would not be a significant percentage of the project.

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