Ready for Spring: Custom Swimming Pools Designed For Your Home

A pool construction schedule-

Homeowners generally want to have their pool built by early spring so they can utilize the pool throughout the entire swimming season, what they fail to realize is that in a large custom project the lead time that is needed to complete the pool can be anywhere from 3-5 months.

 -This is broken down by 1-2 month need fro field work and design.

 -One month needed for contract negotiations and pricing and fine tuning, scope of work, permit process, which can take anywhere from one week to six months.

 -Construction time, for a standard backyard construction concerning a swimming pool and all it’s elements a minimum time of one month should be allocated for pool construction as well as paving steps, walls, fencing, pool equipment, etc. etc.

 -Therefore construction time on a pool can vary from 1-4 months depending upon the scope of the work.

Adding up all these time lines can result in a project that can take 3 months or more from your initial phone call to having a pool in your backyard that is usable.

For more information on pools please contact BR Design Build, 410-798-5400.

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